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DaLian Victory Tech Co.,Ltd.  is located in High-Tech Zones,
DaLian, LiaoNing Province, China. the company set research and development, production, sales as one, The company
engaged in the research, design and professional production of steam thermal system valve, and won several national
patents, passed ISO9001 / ISO14001 certification in 2013......
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Introduction to steam traps

The basic function of steam trap is to discharge the air, cold non-condensable gas and condensed water from steam system as soon as
possible.At the same time automatically prevent steam leakage.There are many varieties of steam traps, each with different performance.When selecting a steam trap, you should first select its characteristics to meet the best operation of steam heating equipment, and then consider other objective conditions, so as to select the steam trap you need is correct and effective
Application Industry

Application Industry


Medical industry - steam sterilization cabinet
Printing and dyeing industry - Dyeing machine
Electroplating industry - Steam generator
Food industry - Sterilization kettle
Textile industry - Ironing machine
Pharmaceutical industry - Automatic dispensing system
Beer industry - Beer sterilizer
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